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Collection: Fruit of the Womb

Meet Christina:

"I began making diapers after ten years of cloth diapering my own babies. I grew tired of the leaky legs or blowouts in the back, and my high school friend sent me my first pattern. I began tweaking it and soon designed a cover that contained all blowouts from my kids. I had perfect strangers asking me where I got my diapers. One very persistent lady asked me to sell them to her. She was my first customer, and my business grew from there. We are finally to a point where we can give back, and we have chosen a local family ministry here that grew out of a crisis pregnancy center. A portion of every sale goes to support Bridgehaven ministries in Cedar Rapids, IA."

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  • Fruit of the Womb Winged Perfect Fit Preflat (WPFP)
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